Cheska: That's stupid.
Catrina: You're stupid.

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Casey: Adventure Time all the way!

Catrina: Where’s Cheska?

Chester: Adventure Time, Adventure Time, Adventure Time

{ Just go vote! }

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Catrina: Draco Malfoy~ But I’d take GOB Harry anytime.

Cheska: Harry when he was younger, but as of right now - Hell yeah Draco Malfoy.

{ Hmmm, the bad boy or the good boy? }

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Just like the Drama Mary Stayed Out All Night! But this time… let’s choose instead of Wi Mae Ri.

Catrina: Kim Jae Wook! Jung In!

Cheska: Jang Geun Suk… Kim Jae Wo-… ASIA’S PRINCE ALL THE WAY.

{Why don’t you vote yourself?}

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Rainbow candy. Ms or Ss, whatever.

Catrina: Skittles. Taste the rainbow~

Cheska: M&Ms.

Catrina: I dare you to sort out the Ms & Ws.

{Want to taste the rainbow?}

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What? Sims 2 is evolving! Congratulations! Your Sims 2 evolved into Sims 3!

Catrina: If only that was how it worked… Sims 3.

Cheska: For goodness’ sakes we’re in a new generation called Sims 3!

Casey: Sims 2!

Cheska: What are you doing here?

{Live your Life the way it was meant to be}

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